Our life is full of important and valuable transient things.
In order to give to others an opportunity to touch it, we use high technology, speed and intellect.
We transport time.

Reefer transport. Refrigerated Trucks. Meat and carcass load transportation. Frigo Cargo

Reefer Load Transportation

Our company transports time-sensitive, temperature loads.

• European Cross-Border Transport
• Refrigerated Trucking
• Fresh and Frozen Meat Transportation
• Transport of Hanging Carcasses

Transport of Hanging Meat

Our refrigerated trucks are equipped with a construction of rails, racks and hooks for transportation of hanging meat (carcasses, primal cuts). There are 550 hooks in each refrigerated container. Quantity of transporting meat depends on product size and special requirements. Reefers can maintain temperature from -25°C to +25°C. We can offer two temperature modes for transporting fresh and frozen products at the same time.

Transport of hanging cargo on hooks, meat freight shipping, carcass, primal, load transportation


Our speciality is reefer load transportation. A reefer is a refrigerated truck or a refrigerated container, equipped with refrigerating units with a heating-freezing system. Reefers are used to transport temperature-sensitive cargo.

We transport various types of truckloads across Europe and outside Europe: fresh and frozen food, hanging carcasses, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage, pharmaceutical products, medicaments, supplements, vaccines, veterinary products, body care products and decorative cosmetics, live plants and cut flowers, artworks, museum exhibits and other refrigerated, temperature-controlled, time-sensitive, temperature-sensitive freight and perishable goods.

Refrigerated Trucking

• International cross-border reefer transport.
• Transportation of refrigerated load, fresh, frozen and deep-freeze goods, time-sensitive cargo and products requiring strict temperature control.
• Refrigerators enable to maintain two different temperature regimes.
• Real-time remote monitoring of the condition of cargo.
• Temperature control system from -25°C to to +25°C.

Meat Transportation

• Transportation of variuos kinds of meat (fresh, chilled and frozen meat, pocessed meats, deep-freeze products, flash-freeze, vacuum-seal, wholesome meat and poultry products, carcasses and primal cuts, retail cuts, mince, etc.).
• Two-tier refrigerators enable to transport two different loads with different temperature regimes.
• Reefers with double-chamber insulation support heating and cooling temperature modes.

Transport of Carcasses

• Transport of carcasses and variuos types of hanging meats (quarters of beef and veal, sides of pork or whole calf, primal cuts, venison and other game, etc.) in refrigerated containers.
• Trucks are equipped with roof tubular railing with hooks and adapted for hanging carcass transportation.

Transportation of time-sensitive, temperature cargo, perishable goods freight, refrigerated meat load. Frigo. Refeer

"Future Transport on Time" Concept

Long term work with clients from different countries and a future-oriented sight helped us to create our inventions, that allow to transport cargo requiring special attention fast, safely, effectively and qualitatively. "Future Transport on Time" is our "know-how" – synthesis of advanced practical experience, technical knowledge and technology innovation, which you do not find anywhere else.

Keeping an Eye on Load

"Transeye" drivers monitors the situation on the road and in the vehicle.
They are focused on the future and a destination.
They keep in contol the present and respond on changes efficiently and quickly.


Why it is worth choosing our services


Speed is one of the most important priorities for us, because we specialize in transportation of time-sensitive cargo.


Our experience and smart technologies allow to calculate and choose the most optimal route to ship load on time.


Insurance protection and contemporary security system enable to transport freight safely and securely.


Each reefer is equipped with remote technologies, which allow to control storage condition of cargo.


Particularity of loads and specifics of vehicles determine a rigorous recruitment and an additional training.


We serve the unique demands of customers and offer diverse, non-standart solutions to particular needs.

Advanced technology to transport temperature cargo, refrigerated carcass load, meat frigo, truck, reefer

Modern Solutions

• Real-time access to freight traceability.
• 24/7 remote control of each reefer thermograph, registering the temperature by online reports.
• Trustworthy security system.
• Eco-friendly solutions, optimizing reutes, economizing fuel and time, reducing carbon footprint and maximizing efficiencies of network of trucks.


  • Truck Standart: EURO-6.
  • Refrigerators: Carrier, Thermo King.
  • Temperature: from -25 to +25.
  • Reefer Types: 2 chambers / 2 floors.
  • Special Equipment: 550 hooks.
  • Capacity: 33 europalettes.
  • Monitoring: Thermograph, GPS.
Truck transportation company in Europe. Meat load, carcass cargo, refrigerated freight transport. Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Latvia


We have been on the road since 2012. We drove thousands of miles and shipped a huge amount of loads. We care about safe and high quality cross-border transportation in Europe and other countries. Our clients value us because of reliability, speed, professionalism, quality and flexibility.
Our major clients are meat factories, food suppliers, traders, importers, exporters, logistics companies. Our most popular directions are Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Our credo: „Professionalism and Quality“. We specialize in shipping refrigerated, temperature-controlled, time-sensitive loads, which require not only high quality technology, but also high level of knowledge and special driving skills. Therefore, our specialists are passed a strict recruitment. Our drivers undergo additional training. We follow the latest trends of hi-tech, IT and artificial intelligence adaptation and modernize our services.

We offer flexible conditions and customized services. Our experts choose optimal routes. In strategic-planning process they take into consideration driving speed, potential roadbrocks and unforeseen weather conditions in every section of the road and different climate zones. Global expertise and local knowledge allow to abide by fixed transportation terms and to ensure on-time pickups and deliveries. When clients need express shipping and the maximal speed, we can offer to transport a load by two drivers. Moreover, we are prepared for unexpected circumstances and we have a possibility to dispatch another vehicle.

Reefer load trucking. Cargo transportation. Future technology. Freight transport company

Future-Oriented Sight

Our vision is a future-oriented concept. We invest in service modernization, advanced technologies and human resources. We are creating smart system, which will allow to use advantages of artificial intelligence and to manage trasportation processes more efficiently. Our purpose is to improve services and to eliminate errors of a human factor. We analize needs of clients and offer new digital and innovative solutions.

Taking a Load off Your Mind

Transportation is not just a journey.
Like the human eye is a gateway between the inner world and the external world,
which mediates, contacts and connects,
"Transeye" is a door, which allows the manufacturer world to enter consumer space in the most optimal way.